Take Two

This week, my three-minute video response for being named a top 20 National Teachers Hall of Fame finalist is due, so I thought I’d share here.  If you’ve come this far, go ahead and give it a look.

If you remember, I made it into last year’s finalists, too: top 10, even. Since I was invited to apply again, I figured, “Why not?” And then enlisted the help of two seniors, Olivia and Daisy (such beautiful girls and names!), to refresh last year’s video. They did a fantastic job, I think, and I’m so lucky that they agreed to help me.

Hall of Fame. Pretty cool. Especially when you consider I carry a long legacy of Loudonville teachers with me, including my very own 31-year teaching veteran father. And that’s what I’m going for: putting Loudonville High School, all my former teachers, all of my colleagues throughout the years, and Mr. Fowler in the National Teachers Hall of Fame. Cross fingers!

One thought on “Take Two

  1. I am sure you will make it Aimee. Will be praying for you. Keep up the good work and attitude Aimee, you rock! Hugs & love, Carmen


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